It's Called a Studio Now

I've been wanting to do away with the roller shutter and get a lot of glass fro the front of my space for a while. It's took long but I eventually fitted them last week. I had a free Friday and took the weekend off to do the work, I'm up in the wilderness being Neil No Mates the boys helped me.

I started with this, i'm pretty partial to the smiley face flag but it had to come down. When I first started using this space it started off with a sloping floor, I had to level up cabinets on the bench when fitting doors and it was really annoying. I levelled the floor a while ago and it made a big difference. I added a lot of storage too, it's pretty efficient storage wise now. I've got a big space to the side that stores all my sheet material and other timber, I'm squeezing as much out of the small space as I possibly can. I'm planning to extend in 2017 to nearly double my space, it'll be super comfortable then.

I don't know he's wearing a fireman Sam hat.

We start them young up in the countryside. I done a deal and took them to the shop for sweets and juice. Cost me £12. The shop is expensive but they milked it.

The pic below is on the instagram, filters make anyones pictures look good. I know a photographer who hates filters, he detests them and thinks everyone who uses filters are dicks. He needs to relax :)

It's turned out great and it's a huge difference, It got a bit bright so I went and got some cheap blinds from Ikea, they do the job just fine. I decided to do something different with the outside too, I'm pleased with how it's going. A bit at a time and you get there.

I'm going to add a wee deck at the front, gives me somewhere to sunbathe and I'll probably paint it, Gemma will decide the colour no doubt. I've been telling people to call it a 'Studio' now, I think they think I'm serious but I'm not really, I don't care what its called, Studio sounds good though, Neils' woodworking studio in the wilderness.

Must dash, too much work to do, as always if you are looking for anything handmade feel free to give me a shout to discuss. No reasonable request denied. :)