First week back after the holidays. I headed into the timber place to pick up some timber for a couple of jobs. While I was in the big smoke I had some spare time so I asked Chief what he was upto. Turned out he was shooting a music video, he asked if I wanted to go along, I wasn’t doing anything for the rest of the day so thought “fuck it” and went. Obviously I took the role as creative director.

I got to work finishing off a big door, the designer is kind of on my case so I had to get it finished, it’s not finished but it will be ready for paint by the weekend. Me and Chief went to a meeting I had arranged, he spoke about himself for the whole time, I managed to squeeze in some stuff, the stuff that the actual meeting was about. I had a meeting the same day with an architect and an interior designer at a restaurant, it went well and there’s more added to the job so it’ll keep me busy, after the meeting I popped into Andys to see what he was upto, chatted with him then headed off to get more timber for another job I’ve got going.

I had an email from not one but two magazines. One is an actual magazine and the other is online only. They were asking if I wanted to be featured in them, I said “aye man, go for it” I’m waiting on a date for when they'll send out photographers to take some action shots, action shots will have me looking like a redneck trucker who makes stuff from reclaimed materials and I‘ll tell them a story that may or my not be based on the actual facts.

I finished the week with a glue up of another door then cut up some whisky barrel staves to make some longboards from them. My new boots arrived too, the last pair were squeaky and letting in water. A pretty productive week but I can/should do more.

NM :)