Bloody freezing this week, I’ve chopped logs all week for the workshop. Still no Facebook app on my phone, I’ve kept Instagram but the notifications are off so my phone is just like a phone. I’d recommend losing it. I’ve got back about 4 hours a day.

We got 5 doors finished, Lewis sanded and painted the big one for the woman that was on my case, she’s cooled it a bit since the other work that’s going on won’t be ready for another few weeks. I did a video using the Smokehead whisky tin to make a display shelf thing, someone from Glasgow who saw the video asked to buy it so it’s SOLD.

I went with Andy to pick up materials, we got a load of oak for a job next month and I made a start on 29 tables for a restaurant. There was a few meetings this week, I popped into see Andy and Andrew between meetings because I had a parcel delivered there, the Highlands & Islands postage is too expensive sometimes, Andrew told me about one time he had to get Vagisil for something, I left shortly after. Next meeting was in Bonnybridge, I picked up Alasdair and we headed up, hearing about Alasdair’s cycling achievements impressed me. We met with Ryan and Rebecca from OddBox about some cool stuff they want to do, I ate all the Mr. Kiplings French fancies.

I finished the week by putting together another few skateboards and I surpassed 1000 followers on Instagram. It’s a werid fuckin’ world when followers, likes and shares mean something. I don’t know if they mean as much as what people make out and it’s even more weird when people keep track. I think gradually phasing it out then abandoning altogether is probably the way to go. The coolest people I know aren’t on any social media and they have the best stories too.

I’ve started working as early as I could and worked as late as I could, or at least tried to. All in I’ve probably got between 5-7 hours of the week just messing about on nonsense. An hour of that was wasted when I came in and Gemma was watching Magic Mike XXL, I watched it and realised that I might never be a male stripper, I might still do it but probably not. If I did, I don’t think I could support a family on the money I’d make.

NM :)