I feel I should put up a disclaimer to say that whatever I write in these rambles of the previous week may not benefit your life in any way and may possibly damage it, read and enjoy. Don't take this as advice on living a productive life, or do, its up to you.  Read on >> 


I brokered a great business deal with a shrewd businessman at the start of the week. The business man was Ross, my brother and the deal was for his Claude Butler courier sport fixed gear bike. I started by trying to swap him a few t-shirts or a jacket like back in the day but that didn't work, we managed to work something out that suited us both. I had pulled out an old Reynolds frame and will build a single speed with it but after taking apart a Raleigh 14 speed and the old Reynolds that I made a few years ago, I don't have anything to go. The new bike is a good one!

I went and picked up some materials and had a day planned to build the rest of these tables. I got a call in the morning from the photographer saying the weather was nice and he's going to head up, my work day was fucked because I had to tidy up the workshop for his arrival, Gemma was out and told me to wash the dishes because we can't have someone in and there's loads of dishes sitting. I done most and left the rest, he didn't care! The photos went well I think and it was a good day. It's standing trying to look as though you're actually doing something that's weird. We'll see how they look when the mags out. 

I'm busy as shit just now but Andy the electrician said he was getting flooring and if I could go down and give him a hand. He used to live in Lochgoilhead but has moved to Ballantrae and is renovating his house. Nearly 3 hours drive, the last part of the drive is like the Pacific Coast Highway, Scotland's version of it anyway. We didn't get it all done in the one day so I stayed over. He's got some good stories and because he's a cockney I feel as though we're going to do a bank job in an old mk1 transit, you know the curvy one that all 'bank jobs' we're done in. He made a great bacon and egg toasted sandwich, probably the best I've had. Again with the cockney accent and the stories while the stuff's frying I felt like I was in Cath's cafe from Eastenders. That's probably an insult because he's not from the East end. Anyway the floor looked good and we measured up a deck for the back garden. 

I met a couple of people this week on my travels and it reminded me that some people have an issue or are unhappy with themselves and who they are, this leads them to take it out on you. That's not cool and these people are not cool. Stick with the people who are getting on with the work, getting on with life and just getting on doing something that's good fun. Life's too short for the negative stuff. 

On a lighter note I got paid from a job that I forgot I had to be paid from. These things are sways nice to hear. My search for quality used hand tools continues and I've found a "dealer". He sends me stuff and says "pay me whenever" it's a slippery slope and I think he's got me! Because I'm a man child I swap stickers with people, I got some in from Germany this week, someone called 'Laura Kampf' she has a good YouTube channel, if you're into that sort of stuff you can have a look. 

It doesn't matter who or what you're fucking, if you're cool and enjoying yourself then the world keeps going, people still like you. 

Be cool  

NM :)