I've slipped on these weekly posts, not really slipped and not done them but I initially just fired them onto Facebook then decided to add them here too. Anyway it's not a big deal but my blogging game has been weak. Not enough time in the days to do everything. 



Working pretty much flat out now, 9pm becomes the normal finishing time and I wonder if I could squeeze in another few hours. You need to sleep I suppose but it's a bit of a waste of time when you think about it. I think that's maybe a thing when you do a job that you enjoy, you're not hoping time flies by so you can finish then do something you enjoy, you're doing it and forget it's time to sleep. I can procrastinate to the point of taking the day off because a new drill bit isn't delivered yet and I better wait on the postman though. Balance I should

I managed to pick myself up a new table saw, I've been wanting one for a while because I've been using a portable saw and it's not ideal for a workshop, it's been great, 3hp motor with a big wide bed, it's £1200 new but I found a guy selling one on gumtree for £375. Supposedly it's not done much work and the guy was nice, I didn't try to knock the price down. Fitting out a workshop is expensive, all my festool gear was expensive but workshop machinery is wild. I do a job and get paid then there's another machine I need to get. It's a never ending crusade but I'd just be wasting the money on malteasers and twix's anyway.

Nipped into the town one day this week and dropped a longboard off at Andys for Charlie to pick it up, Charlie's the delivery guy, the bicycle delivery guy, he delivers the boards. I had an hour to kill before my materials were ready to be picked up so I shot the breeze with Andy, we're still no closer to the meaning of life but we know some shit. I left and picked up some oak then picked up some copper from Ricky the metal guy. Since then I've been up in the wilderness with the fire on! 

Lewis (not dead in the picture) has been cutting whisky barre staves for days, well not really days because he finishes his normal work then comes in and works with me at night, hours though, homes been workin' He managed to slice them down really thin, the thing we're making still looks like it's clad in whisky barrels but it's light and easy to lift, we're smart like that. 

We got wifi in the workshop, after setting it up I feel I have something in common with the nasa scientists that landed the rover on Mars. I thought it'd maybe be counter productive but it's worked the other way, sometimes I'll need to reference an email or look up something online and need to go into the house, now I don't need to walk to the house I can do it from there. I think it's a time saver until I go on Instagram and just scroll for an hour looking at stuff that's not doing me any good.

I'm still wondering how I'm managing to do this as a job and be able to live. I think if you can stick it through the ridiculously skint times, like times when there's 23p in the bank but you still don't take a job for the man because fuck that, it might work out for the best, either that or you'll end up homeless. 

These ramblings do not go for advice or guarantee a healthy and happy life, they could possibly damage your life and more importantly your street cred. All they are is notes of my weeks and the way they are tackled. I'm weird/fortunate to think there's a this universe that does all that hocus pocus stuff, thoughts become things blah blah blah. It's not for everyone. 

It's fuckin' freezing today

NM :)