I had Alan up from Largs on Sunday to fit some windows, the person I get windows from had a friend who has a place up here and asked if I could fit them. I said I'd do it if he done me a deal on big bifold doors and a triangle window for the front of the workshop. I might make the triangle window though, it'd let in great light and we'd have a great view everyday. We got started and Lewis showed up so we got into a wee system and they went in pretty quickly. I don't mind fitting windows, I quite like it but it's those plastic finishes inside. They don't look good. I like wooden finishes, plastic and silicone don't look good, I don't think they should be allowed. A nice timber/MDF sill, ingoes and facings should be the only way you finish up a window on the inside. 

I headed out the village to get a load of materials for a few different jobs at the start of the week and had to go and finish off the windows on my return. I saw a lot of workers at Drimsynie that just drive about all day and don't do much, that might be just the way it looks but a bit of crafty hiding and stuff seems to go on #respect.  

I think I'm about a week behind of where I probably should be. Timing is funny because one job gets held up by a few days or there's a change or a machine breaks and it knocks on. Late nights solve it a bit and get you back on track, the actual 'making' time to get jobs done takes a bit too, I think some people think you load up materials at one end and run them through a big machine and the finished piece comes out the other end. That'd be nice but things take time then someone comes in to see you and you waste an hour. I don't think it's a wasted hour talking nonsense to someone but it's a non productive working hour. If we done away with time I think it might make everyone live longer. If we worked when we were ready and slept when we were tired rather than set times it might work out for the best. The only thing is that places you get materials and things from close early, I was needing to pick up materials late on a Friday and the guys were rushing about and stuff, I didn't think at the time but it must've been because it was because it was Friday and they were going out, they had another life away from work, they had to get changed and looking good to get socialising. I'm just trying to finish before half 8 so I can maybe work my way through Californication then get to bed at a reasonable hour. I juggle between needing to have a balance to working as much as possible to bring in copious amounts of money so one day I can cross the Atlantic in a yacht, i don't think you can work 9-5 and then semi retire before 40. Maybe if you were a pimp or a trashy burd who gains enough followers on Instagram then charges for advertising, I am neither and my naked shots only get so many likes and shares, not enough to advertise Calvin Klein briefs.......yet! I thought plus size modelling was a thing now?!! I will continue to torture my mind with thoughts of what's the best way to fill a life. 

I'm working through a set of oak units for a home office, it should be a really nice job when it's fitted then I'm onto a pine kitchen for a house about 500 yards from me. In between I've managed to fit in some units for a restaurant that I'll deliver next week hopefully. At times I think I should get a bigger space and employ a couple of guys, then I remember that I pay no rent for my workplace just now and I don't have to travel either, I think I can get by in my space for now. I'm sure I have a position available for someone who is financially independent and doesn't need to work but likes woodworking. They could come in to give me a hand when I'm busy then they could go and do what wealthy people do at other times, I wouldn't need to give them a full time wage and when I take a month off we're all happy. So between me all the time, Lewis at weekends and nights and a millionaire/billionaire woodworker when needed we could bring in more work and get work out quicker. All done by still working from my small space and no travelling other than picking up materials and dropping off jobs. 

Time waits for no man 😎