Started the week on a wee trip out the village with Sonny to get some timber, going into a timber merchants is still a bit weird, I've been going for years but it's still strange, it's not daunting or anything like that but it might be because I'm socially awkward, I go with Sonny and they think I'm a DIYer in with his boy, it doesn't help that I was wearing a pink Oxford shirt and cargo shorts, I look like a DIYer. I feel like saying to them "mate, I can mix 2 stroke oil, I've got professional power tools and a big chainsaw, I know how to fell a tree and there's some parts of a car that I can strip and put back together, it's cool, I'm a man too I just don't speak with a slang accent" I might be looking too much into it but it was a new merchants and I was looking for good prices, how dare I get lumped in with the DIYer prices. Turns out they can match Timbmet, who are the cheapest, and they'll beat Rembrand, they deliver to Lochgoilhead too so it was a good trip. 

This week I started getting up and cycling with the boys to school then doing a couple of miles, back to the house for eggs then go to work, it works well and if I had more money it'd be an idea scenario, you always get a few things checked off but there's something unchecked, things like - great wife/kids - nice house - nice working environment etc etc.....We're getting there but it's a grind, I still need to check off the 'loadsa doh' box and that's it, level completed. 

A guy told me once that life's not perfect it's a compromise, another guy told me that when he was young he wanted to go to Australia but it was only a dream, dreams don't ever happen, you just need to realise that, another guy told me that the only way I'd get a yacht was if I won the lottery, all 3 I disagree with but maybe they know something, one was business owner and mega millionaire and the other two were working week to week. 

I spent the week working on the pine kitchen, it's looking nice and I'm looking forward to fitting it. Hopefully the people are happy with it. I got another couple of jobs in too so that's always good news. I'be been out last weekend and this weekend working with my friend Alan, it's site work and it's quite nice coming out and doing this type of work again, I've not cut plasterboard in over 2 years, I still know how to do it, it's tougher on your body but still enjoyable, he bought the breakfast too, both days, he's generally tight so I feel honoured.

Yesterday's history, tomorrow's a mystery.....