Made to Order Front Door

I was asked to build a front door for a house in the West End of Glasgow, I went to see the job and measure up and the lady took me a walk a few streets away to show me the door she likes. She knocked on the door and said do they mind if we take some sizes. The folks were happy for us to do what we needed. I had made the door and was waiting on stained glass from the client, it was a bit of miscommunication and the door sat there for a while. I ended up getting glass to fit until the stained glass is sourced. The ironmongery was another adventure, took 6 weeks or so to get here. I noticed my old table saw and a few less stickers/road signs in the workshop while watching the video, I must have started it about last its sat here for ages!

Anyway the client sent me the ironmongery, I fitted it and got the door finished then fitted it. The end of the video isn't the best, I had some camera trouble, thought it was running but then when I put the memory card into the computer there was no footage. It happens I suppose. I'm in the market for some new filming stuff, I think the Canon 70D is what I'll go for but camera equipment is expensive, I've got too many tools to buy before a camera.

Here's the video. Feel free to share it with anyone looking for a new door.