Walnut & Harris Tweed Tripod Lamp

This lamp was done mainly because Gemma wanted to buy two tripod lamps from Next. No way I thought, fuck that. "I'll make them" She rolled her eyes because I say I'll make stuff and never do, or I do but it takes a year plus. 

I had time and had some walnut that I wanted to use. We got the lamp shades made from 'Emac Design' Search Facebook or Instagram for them and you'll find them. I love them and the shades cost more than the two full lamps in Next, still, fuck it "I'll make them"

These aren't the best pictures but you get the idea. I'll get more pictures of this taken and once I figure out a way to make in a shorter time I'll put them up for sale. 

Before assembly

Rough assembly above. I'm pleased with this piece too, I'll maybe refine the design here and there but I'm pretty pleased with how it finished up. The oil on the walnut really finishes it off too. 

This build was filmed for the YouTube channel, if you want to see how it went together then give it a watch below.

These lamps will be in the online store by the end of the year, I plan on refining the build and making it quicker so it is sort of affordable, affordable for a handmade lamp anyway. If you like the style and have your own ideas then get in touch. I'm open to suggestions for commission pieces.

Onwards :)