SmokeHead Whisky

I done a couple of whisky barrel skateboards for the whisky company SmokeHead. The boards turned out great and they done a wee piece for their Facebook page.

It got a load likes and I suppose thats a good thing in this weird world of likes and shares. I had to send them some pictures and I sent them two - I sent the one that they used and another one I had done. The one they used was taken by my friend Andy Watson, he's a data recovery guy who takes pictures of everything, the other picture I sent was taken by my other friend Andy Rae, Mr. Rae is a pro photographer. I'll let them fight it out. 

I know a lot of Andys, here is a list of them:

Andy the electrician, Van man Andy, Rip Off Andy, Andy the roofer, Photo Andy, Databuster Andy, Andy Willy Wallace, DJ Andy, Edinburgh Andy, Andy the drinker, Mad Andy, Kitchen Andy, MOT Andy, Dobbie, Andy the Welder. I think thats them all but Andy seems to be a popular name.

The boards were on my instagram for anyone who uses instagram, you can see the pics over to the right of this page, all the wee squares? Thats instagram.

Over and out.