Whisky Barrel Skateboard


I've been trying out different things with these whisky barrel staves I've acquired. After working with them for a while I thought to myself that a whisky barrel skateboard would be cool. It turned out a wee bit of work laying it out and planing it flat etc but I got there and it turned out cool. I don't know what size it needs to be to be a legit longboard but I'm calling it a longboard.

I was going to show it the morning after this picture was taken, I was showing it along with some of my other stuff and it went well so I'll fill you in with everything it progresses, exciting times coming people!

 It's summer holiday time so Taylor was in with me until about 10 o'clock finishing it off. They didn't send screws so we took some from an old board, they were a bit rusty so Taylor tagged them with some black spray paint.

I used some nice Penny trucks and wheels. I thought the pink & white would go sweet with the old whisky staves. Like all the whisky stuff I'm doing, I'm trying to keep the date marks on the staves. I'm going to go hunting this week for some with a branding stamp. It could take some time to find but I've got a nice job coming up that it would be ideal for.

This oak's old man, you still get a whiff of the whisky too, pretty nice.

The top came up nice, It was planed down and still smells of the whisky that was in the barrel. We finished it with a matt clear coat.

I think it turned out pretty slick and it was a good use of the staves that were heading to the dump. I was thinking about the materials during the build. This oak held in it a liquid, a liquid that when consumed helped people make new friends, fall out with old friends, dance like Travolta in front of anyone who would watch, meet their new wife or husband, kick off the divorce proceedings of a shit marriage, close the deal (professionally and sexually) get naked, celebrate the new arrival, celebrate a marriage, celebrate someones life at their funeral, celebrate anything, sit in silence and contemplate what the fuck this is all about and generally get mad with it. All of those memories were going to either be burned in the fire or binned, I'm sure some people would happily have the memories burned in the fire or thrown in the bin but take all those people involved, all the laughs and cries and go fast as fuck on them down the street with a clenched fist to the sky shouting YES! It makes sense, it's the right thing to do.

I'll be selling these, I've already sold one and he's chose a nice truck and wheel combo that will look super slick. I'm looking forward to getting it done and sending it to him.

Keep Rollin'