An All White Dressing Room

Last week we finished up this all white dressing room in Argyll somewhere. We built the cabinets in the workshop and fitted in the property. The room was already decorated and the new floor was painted white, decoration and floor was done by others.  

The client gave me some ideas of what she'd like and I done a few designs. A space for shoes with bigger shelves for boots underneath. 

The light switch was on the wall between the door and the shoe display so we brought the switch out and fixed it to a panel. It means no awkward spaces and it all looks handmade and on purpose, as it should.

The large shelves are for displaying handbags and the open section is for hanging clothes. The four drawers on the bottom are approx 350mm deep, plenty of storage for jumpers and things, it gets cold up here so an Arran knit comes in handy during the winter and the majority of the rest of the year.

This was a hand painted finish, I think it suits these old houses better than a spray finish. It might just be me but I think it suits the room better and doesn't look too new and could have been done when the place was built, I may just be rambling now. Here's a few pictures with it filled with clothes

Another job done and onto the next one. Busy run up to Christmas, Christmas is a deadline for folks, if it's not in for Christmas the world will end.

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Take it easy :)