Restaurant Seating

The last project that we finished up before the holidays was the seating at a new restaurant in Glasgow called 'The Spanish Butcher' I don't think there's a Spanish butcher who works in it but there might be, it might be marketing and all that jazz, you know how the game works. 

I got this job through the upholsterer, Jim at JC Upholstery. They initially had a mock up of a booth and it didn't suit the plans or the look of the place so I got the call. They wanted a turned and tapered leg and all corners smoothed around to give each seat an individual look. They were made up here by us and not ruth through a big 'seat machine' so they all had their own individual.....uniqueness, I think I'll call it. 

We used solid white oak and an oak veneer board. The oak veneer went where the cushions covered, I probably could have used plain old MDF but I had got the veneer sheets and the plans changed, rather than sending back and all that I just decided to use them.

There were about 60 legs in total and the time scale was tight, not super tight but tight enough to get up early and work late. I got a friend to turn all the legs. He's got a small workshop in Glasgow and turns all sorts of stuff. He done a great job and it sped up the making for us. We had one or two things to turn so Lewis saved the day one Sunday and turned what we needed. We've found that if you don't have something or it's not in stock we just need to make it ourselves. We're getting better at the turning too. 

The seats were finished in a jacobean oak stain from probably the oldest wood stain place in Glasgow - Smith & Rodger. 

All in it was a nice job and all came together as it should have. The place looks nice and I've not been in yet but Lewis has been in and says it's a good munch. 

As always, feel free to get in touch for any commissions and share to whoever you might think like this. Over and out and have a good 2017.