Cabinet Corners On Face Frame Cabinets

Before I get into it, I'm not a trained cabinet maker so this may be the done thing or a big "faux pas" but there's bits I notice that I don't like and try to figure out other ways, this is the way I do the corners on a traditional face frame cabinet.

So aye....I've saw some awkward corners, I've saw the left side come forward and the right side has just been butt jointed to it. It might not be too bad but I like to do it a different way. 

I like to mitre the joints so that it finished on a point and it looks like a post. First off I set the saw to 45° and run the stock through.

I glue both pieces together and use my Collins spring clamps to set the joint.

I use Titebond 3, it's the glue I use all the time, it works out pretty expensive but I don't mind, it's the real deal. There's only one place in Glasgow I know that stocks it, you can buy it online but you can get it from Smith & Rodger if you're in the city and I think the postage is a killer from online places. I get the gallon but they do small bottles too.

These clamps are the best, they look like balls and a willy but they're really handy. You can get them from Dave at Collins Tools He makes them in Idaho I think it is. The shipping isn't too bad but you might as well buy a load to make it worth your while. I had over a hundred but Ive gave a few to friends here and there. I'm still packing a good stash but I might make an order soon.

After the joint sets I assemble my face frames. I use a kreg pocket hole jig with glue to join them together.

I pre assemble as much as possible, I think it's easier to fit stuff and It's a time saver too. A small production line is the way I like to do it. All my cuts then all my fixing/clamping and then the fitting.

I fit to the cabinets a few different ways, I will use the Festool Domino which is a loose tenon with glue and clamps, I'll use the kreg pocket holes with glue if you don't see the sides of the cabinets and other times I'll use glue with a 23g pin to hold it in place then clamp the frames to the cabinets. This was during the build of a cabinet. I'll have more pictures soon once it's all fitted. Its oak veneer board and solid oak face frames. 

Just a wee joint that I like to do, it may be old news to many but I like to do it on all my cabinetry that requires a face frame, I like these details. 

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Until next time :)