Restaurant Tables

We done some tables for a restaurant in Glasgow, they were done a short time ago and there was a video of the big round table getting made a few posts back. I'm just getting around to putting some pictures up.

We done a few different types of tables, all were done with solid oak onto a birch ply backer. 

The big round one, the one with the video a few posts ago was probably the nicest one to build. It was the first time I had to set up a big trammel for the router, it worked out just as I wanted. There was an oak band that I steam bent to go around the outside of the table then the brass went onto that. It turned out a nice detail.

There was a few of the tables that were done in a herringbone pattern and finished in a gray undercoat then dark brown wax, the brief was a sort of aged look and I think it worked out nice but they get abused more than I imagined in a restaurant environment. 

With the wax finish and the abuse from the patrons we had to come up with a new finish to eliminate any marking. I made a few temporary tables and systematically swapped them over to get the new finish done. Now the finish over them is an AC lacquer and its supposedly the most durable finish you can put over your tables. Ideal for restaurants.

The other table was an oak with a gray coating then a matt varnish finish. There was a brass inlay detail to these. We had a bit of an issue with the oak shrinkage and some of the brass popped up, If I was to do them again I would go along the grain, then if there was any shrinkage it wouldn't affect the brass. I've since been back and sorted out any issues with the brass and they seem to be doing ok. 

There was smaller herringbone tables that we done too, They all look good in the place, the full place was looking good when it was all finished. There was a couple of other things we done too, we did some shelving for the brass gantry.

They were to be rustic, they're holding all the booze so you don't really notice them, I love all the brass work in the place, it was a metalworker called 'Andy' thats all I know, he drove a beautiful old H reg volkswagen pick up van thing, it looked great. I have a job where metal work has to be done soon so I'll need to get his details from the architect. 

The other things we done was 2 units, a big dresser unit with expanded mesh doors and a herringbone maitre'd unit.

the dresser turned out really nice, They had a slogan that was laser engraved on the top left. All solid oak with oak veneer board for the carcasses. I made the full thing as one piece, it was about 2.7m long and weighed loads. 

This unit will have the til on top and theres drawers at the back to take all their stuff, that was all spray finished in a dark grey colour.

There was nice brass ring pull handles too, I'll need to get some better pictures but we were double parked at the time and the traffic warden was closing in. Its a funny thing dropping stuff into a restaurant rather than someones house. They don't really care how it looks in a restaurant and you're always kind of in the road but they turned out nice and it was pretty enjoyable doing it.