Handmade Ash Coffee Table

I've been messing about with this design for a bit and finally had the wood and time available to make it. I took the pictures from the deck, we're spoiled with these views up here in the Argyll wilderness. 

It's a modern piece, clean lines. I like this style, I like a rustic style too but you see rustic stuff everywhere. I like a lot of styles but I've got another few pieces like this to do over the next few months. The timber used is Ash. It's a hardwood that I got from a sawmill that was closing, supposedly these old beards we're heading to landfill if they didn't get moved. I took what I could, a lot of them were bent all over the place but I cut out what I needed and planed flat. 

I finished it with a clear wax, I like the clear wax. I'd maybe venture into some oil on the next piece.

Here it is in posish' It seems to go well in our living room and we have a mix match of everything, the chair to the right was taken out of a skip. Someone was throwing it out, It was about 7:30 in the morning when I found it, a great find. 

This table will be for sale along with another few handmade pieces of furniture that I'm currently working on between other projects. You can check on the Facebook page if you are interested in buying any of the pieces, I'll be posting there when all the pieces are finished and on for sale. If anyone is going to be in the Argyll area and wants to see some of the furniture I've been making, feel free to stop by. I'm always working on new things.

Feel free to share with your friends who could be looking for some furniture and I'm happy to do some commissions if you have a certain thing in mind.

Over and out.