Handmade Photo Booth

A while ago the photo booth people OddBox Photobooths asked if I could build a Photo Booth using whisky barrels. I built it with Alasdair at Glasgow Laser.

Alasdair designed the structural boxes and all the internal bits n pieces that hold the camera and printer. Once he laser cut the plywood I picked al the parts up and brought them back to my place to them together. Me and Lewis got the boxes together then set about cutting the whisky staves down to as thin as we could get to keep each box as light as possible.

We used copper for banding the bottom and top of the boxes, the idea was to sort of replicate the bands on a whisky barrel, it's not as obvious because the boxes are square rather than curved like a barrel but you get the idea. The white circle at the top has a light behind it and the black circle in the centre is the camera, the screen under the light is a tablet, I'm sure this is what you push to set up the photo sequence. 

Here's some folk enjoying it. You'll probably have seen these, you know the ones where people wear funny hats and pretend moustaches? I think they're all the rage for weddings and stuff.

You can see the doors on the back of the boxes, they all open up to allow you to fit the camera/printer etc as well as tighten the boxes together with the fixings we used on each corner.  

It was a good build and I think we're going to do another one soon. If you are after one of these for your wedding or corporate event you should check out OddBox photo booths, they cover Scotland and are the only ones with a whisky barrel clad photo booth. They've got another few booths for folks who don't want the whisky one.

Check out OddBox and Alasdair at Glasgow Laser below. If you use them tell them you found them here :) 

OddBox PhotoBooth     Glasgow Laser