We Can't Control Anything

I've been thinking that we can't control anything, well I think we can control a couple of things. We can control getting ourselves to work and doing what we do to the best of our ability, the other thing we can control is our behaviour towards other people and that's about it.

I wouldn't say 'don't try' because people take you the wrong way, they think you're lazy etc. Bukowski says "Don't try" and so does Yoda. Both ahead of their times and both guys I'd buy advice from. When they say "don't try" they mean rather than all the trying to do this or trying to do that, just do. Just get on with it. Bukowski got a bit mad with it pretty much all the time but he had some good views.

I saw a guy the other day and he works for himself, he was telling me that he didn't like the situation he was in because he couldn't control it for some reason, he's a control freak, like a serious control freak. I told him he can't control anything apart from his behaviour and attitude but he doesn't listen, he never listens. He's stressed out, always stressed about some stupid shit that's way out of his control. I spoke to another guy in the same week, he was old (when I say old I mean 60+. I'm only 32 so thats old to me) He just gets on with it, goes about his day, he's always where his feet are. He's got some ideas of what he's planning to do but he just takes every day as it comes. Doesn't get stressed out over stupid stuff. It's the only way, or I think it seems to be a good way to do your stuff. Don't be lazy, enjoy your work/do your work and be nice to people, Simple, I like simple.  

Like the picture above, there's so much stuff that you need to deal with, stuff that you did't plan for, just stupid stuff that gets in the way of your initial path. Best to just control the couple of things that you can and get on with whats happening right now.

For anyone that's read this rant/observation, cheers. Read some Charles Bukowski and enjoy what you're upto.

Over and out.