Live Edge Elm River Table

I've been working on a dining table at nights and whenever I've had a spare bit of time. I'm using an elm slab that I bought a while ago.


This is the only picture I've got, I apologise for standing in front of it. But You can still see the slab. I chose it because of the big hole at the bottom and I got quite a good deal on it because the mill I use don't really like the slabs that have any defects or "bad" bits. I was drawn to it straight away and had to buy it. I've found out that slabs are my thing, you know when you've got a thing that you buy no matter what and no one can say anything to change your mind? Well thats my thing. 


I flatten the whole slab down with a sled and router, I use a big surfacing bit. The slab was milled rough and was 25mm bigger on one side. A lot of passes and eventually it was flat. 


I had always planned on adding some glass to the hole but I'd have needed to do some form of something to hold the end of the glass up. I decided to split the slab into two halves then put the live edge to the inside


I filled the cracks with epoxy, I might add a dutchman tie but not decided yet. The rebate in the picture above is where 10mm glass will sit. The base is still to be decided but I've got two ideas that I'd like to do, I'll decide on one and get that made after the top has been sanded down. 


I'm pretty pleased with how it's turning out. I'll post some updates of the progress and it'll be for sale once it's done. It'll sit 8 people comfortably.

I say it's for sale but I might keep it for us. The ikea oak veneer table we've had for the past 11 years is at the end of it's life. If you're interested you can get in touch and we can talk money.

All the best :)