The "Saved" section on Instagram

Anyone use Instagram? I don’t even know the typical age of people who find this and ask me to do work for them but I think nearly everyone knows Instagram and/or uses it.

There’s a section on it where you can save pictures that you like, for whatever reason. I’d say its for inspiration or the likes. I don’t know about inspiration. I think you just get on with it and do what you do then it all comes together. A few designers I know say stuff like “Inspired by” and most of the time that translates into “copied from” They also use words like “Juxtaposition” and it’s at this point that I know I’m dealing with a serial bullshitter. What can you do, you can only do the job the best you can and move onto the next one, hopefully unscathed and without feeling the need to wear a cravat to job meetings.

Anyway, the saved section in Instagram. Here’s mine

This isn’t all of them but I like Porsches, houses and furnitures with the odd quote from some old guy with a beard now and again.

I save some that I like if it’s something I like the look of. I save some of places that look good and I’ll make a point of going to them in real life when I’m in the country. I save some with techniques I like, not sexual techniques but woodworking and furniture building techniques.

There’s a lot of pictures out there on the internet. Just as a type that I wonder how many pictures have been taken and put onto the internet. Blows my mind. Nearly blows my mind as much as Time Difference. Seriously. I’ll be speaking to someone and they’re going to bed while I’m just starting the day. Still trying to work it out. :)

What I’m into right now and have been for the past year or so is those Mid Century houses, theres so many in California and I’m wanting to try and get to see the Sheats Goldstein house at some point. It was Jackie Treehorn’s house in The Big Lebowski. I’ve read that its been gifted to the LACMA so I’m sure at one time you’ll be able to take a tour.

Someone Saving My Stuff

Sometimes if I check the “insights” on my own Instagram posts I can see that a few people have saved the pic. I didn’t expect anyone to save this post but at the time of writing this there’s been three Saves. Pretty funny, there’s some weird people out there. Be safe :)

That’s enough for a morning. Work to be done. Not raining. All is good.