Made to Measure Doors

I’ve been out of action on here for a bit. But I’ve been working.

Because I’ve been pretty much a stay at home dad/husband over the past few of months I’ve been making stuff that I can send out and have other people fit. It’s worked out of for the most part.

My wife’s had a new hip, and I’m sure I’ve said it before but just incase I’ve only thought about saying it, I’ll say it again - Yes my wife makes cakes and has arthritis and just got a new hip but she’s not a pensioner, she’s younger than me, just unlucky in the health department. When I tell people what she’s went through I get the feeling that they think I’m fond of the grannies.

Anyway, I’ve been making some doors. Some internal and some external. I do quite a few doors over the course of a year. Mainly it’s because people can’t buy the sizes online or from a builders merchant. I don’t think I’ve ever made doors for people that can buy doors their size online. Online is cheaper I suppose. I’ve been making some pine doors, some hardwood doors, some were painted doors and some were left bare. Some of the doors went to Glasgow, some went to Dumbarton and some were fitted in Lochgoilhead.

The one above was the door and frame with double glazed panels. This was finished with an oil based paint. Some of the water based finishes are good but oil based can’t be beaten just now.

These are doors for a tenement flat in Glasgow. This is a similar style to what is original to the flats. The moulding is called a ‘bolection’ moulding if you ever need to identify it. There’s slight variances in the moulding between each city or town, that’s all down to the machinery, hand and power, from back in the day and the cutters that were made up to produce the moulding.

Glasgow tenement flats have doors of all sizes, I don’t know why but I’ve saw every type of door in the buildings. Billy Connolly has a great bit on the doors in the tenements and he had a letterbox in the toilet door. YouTube it man, it’s funny. His older stuff is the best.

(That purple heart slab behind the door is sitting still waiting to be turned into a table or the likes, Google ‘Purple heart table’ or ‘purple heart slab table’ to see what you think. It’s here, good price, good price my friend**)

So that’s been me the past wee while. When doing doors I forget to take pictures of them all. I just make them and send them out. when I first started making doors I took pictures of every part, if that is of interest to you I’m sure you can find some of that stuff if you search this blog.

If you’ve moved to a house and the doors are ruined or you need some specific sized doors then gimme’ a shout. They’re more expensive than what you can get online, I’d love to be able to do them for B&Q prices but it’s not possible if I still want to live in a house and eat. I’ve delivered all sizes of doors all over the UK so even though I’m way up here in the boondocks I can still get them to you.

As always, if you know someone who might appreciate this or could be using my services then it’d be great if you could share this with them. Feel free to follow along on the Instagram and Facebook for more day to day pictures n’ stuff.

Take it easy :)