Is Highlander the Best Movie Ever?

Highlander might be my favourite film ever, probably a tie with White Men Can't Jump and Point Break. This was the cover from the VHS we had. I don't think it even looks like Christopher Lambert but it's a great movie cover.

You know when you're talking to people and you ask them what their favourite film is? The usual answer is either Pulp Fiction or Shawshank Redemption. Nearly everyone picks one of those two. I think it might be because they've heard someone say that and they copy them just to feel like they've picked a film that everyone agrees is good. It's like a 3 series BMW. It's good but it's not the best or not the worst and most people would be happy to drive one.   

Tell me he's not a movie star...

The castle from the movie is just up the road, Eileen Donan Castle. I've been a few times, it's beautiful. I'd have liked to see better joinery work inside but other than that it's a really great spot. I heard its one of the most photographed properties in the world ever....ever. 

I'm not sure why the film is such a cult film. Every year more and more people find it for the first time, imagine being able to watch it for the very first time., never saw it or heard of it before and you put it on just to see what its like. Amazing. I wish I had kept the original VHS tape that me and my brother had and watched nearly everyday before school. The soundtrack is probably the best soundtrack of any movie. The soundtrack to the movie 'Drive' is pretty good for as new age but Queens soundtrack for Highlander is timeless.  


  • "Heather Please"
  • "Lots of different places"
  • "There can be only one"
  • "I'm a man not a fish"

I didn't really watch the series, it wasn't the real deal man, I couldn't face it. It's like after Oasis split up I don't really like either of their new stuff. It's not oasis. Supposedly they're going to remake Highlander. It'd maybe be a good idea as long as they don't fuck it up. 

I'm writing this while I wait for a washing to finish the cycle so I can hang it out to dry. The wife got a new hip so I'm doing the housework. It's not that hard. I don't see the big deal people make who go on about doing the washing. 

Normal service shall resume of work stuff. Go and watch Highlander. Or White Men Can't Jump Or Point Break Or Robocop (the original one) It's all I grew up on.