A house for 88 Million Quid!

Who needs a house at 88 million fuckin’ dollars? What do they work as? Have they only been here for one lifetime or are they on they’re fourth life? It’s mental man. I like the house and I think I’d be able to change the guest suite into a workshop because I don’t have many visitors anyway. I’m wondering if the electricity bill is more than the £120 odd that I pay here for a house and workshop.

Over the past few years I’ve became friends with a few guys who work on these houses and they don’t get much more than the joiners/carpenters do here in Scotland. When I worked there it worked out just a tiny bit more than I make here, like not even enough extra to write home about but probably about fifty quid more a day. And everything’s more expensive in tinsel town. These people living in these houses must be aliens or something like that. I bet they’re not joiners :)

Onwards people, onwards.

Villa Sarbonne, Bel-Air, California.