We have a new website

Here is the new website folks.

I've been meaning to get a new website organised for a while now but never had the time.  I've had some time recently, mainly messing about the house, doing the dishes, taking Gemma to the hospital and Asda, chopping fire wood to let Gemma lie at the fire and heat up these arthritic bones of hers - If I need to tell anyone about Gemma's arthritis and then that she bakes cakes, I'm sure people think I'm married to a 66 year old granny.  She's not an old granny just unfortunate to  have some shit wrong with her.

With the time I've had I changed the logo and got the website together.  I'm going to be blogging more over the year, just on what I come across from job to job and new techniques I've found (not bedroom techniques, mainly joinery) So the new site looks good for that.  It's done on SquareSpace, did it all myself with a bit of help from Robbie at McNab He did the last website and I'm always on to him for something that I know nothing about, he knows all that secret website stuff that normal people don't.

So thats that, have a look about, theres the wee links to instagram and twitter, for the serious business people theres LinkedIn. If you're on them feel free to add, follow or whatever the kids are calling it nowadays.

Here's a smiling, moody black n white workshop shot for you. SELFIE!!

Play on playas'

Play on Playas