Building a Timeless House

December 2014

I got a great book by Brent Hull with an Amazon gift card I was given from the in-laws at christmas.  Building a Timeless House In An Instant Age.

I still don’t have my book, you know whats annoying? Gemma ordered some Minecraft books for Taylor and they arrived yesterday – she ordered them AFTER I ordered mine, after this Im going to write a letter to Amazon and ask “what up bro”

Brent Hull has some excellent resources for architectural orders and basic good practice when building anything. If you’re into that sort of thing search about, I’m sure he has a few videos here and there.  You can see what he does here Clickity click

There is an excellent excerpt from the book over at This Is Carpentry, just click HERE to have a read.  Part one is good too and you can find it on the same site, I liked the message in part 2.

Right, where did I put Jeff Bezos address!