Christmas deadline for boards

Sorry for posting about Christmas, fuckin' christmas, I know but.....

I've got some stuff to do and finish before the end of the year so heres what my plans are - Im planning on doing 2 more runs of boards, whisky barrel skateboards and the hardwood cruisers, I'll be doing both. I should be able to do about 10 boards per run. So this means that if you were planning on having one for christmas to give as a present or you managed to save up some doh' and want one for yourself then you'd need to get one from the next two batches.

The last batch will be finished somewhere around November 10th,  you can buy them as normal from the 'store' section and if you want any special branding just fire me an email with what you're looking for. Or maybe get in touch with me first because the branding costs vary.

Here's a few of the past boards I've done. Let me know if you want a shape thats not for sale at the 'store'


So thats us, if you're looking for a handmade cruiser or a whisky barrel skateboard that is built to ride just get in touch and get them before November 10th. If you're in the Lochgoilhead area and want to have a test ride just pop in.