Hardwood Cruiser

That's the hardwood cruisers up on the online store now, there's 6 of them ready to go, after that they're going to be made to order. You can get them HERE

"I love it and it rides great" that comes from real skateboarders and not some guy who started at 30! They are made from hardwoods that I have reclaimed from older houses or had lying about waiting to be used on something cool. I add some contrasting strips into the boards, trying to keep it stylish you know!

They're a great alternative mode of transport and no whisky barrels were harmed in the making of these. There's also something nice about something thats handmade in a small workshop in Argyll, Scotland. They are on for £185 complete or £130 deck only. 

For any personal or corporate branding stuff that you want on the boards just email me and we'll sort it out. 

"Word to ya mother"