What we've been upto recently

I've not made an update on here for a bit, my acting career hasn't exploded and I've given up woodworking, the modelling agency didn't offer me millions to stop using heavy machinery incase I damage myself, nothing like that, we've just been too busy to do this internet stuff.  I thought I better put something on to keep us relevant on the old google so we don't disappear into the boondai.  

We've been busy doing a lot of stuff.  We fitted some windows, built some Victorian style panelling and granny got a new house.

The windows we fitted were of the uPVC fashion, double glazing and to be really specific they are the 'Deceuninck' profile.  I've used them for a while now and they're a great window, I've never had any problems with them.....ever.  The house is having a lot of work done to it so we left the internal sills and surrounds off until the plastering is done.  We are fitting an oak sill and facing package and all the material was ran in the workshop from flat stock.  Once we're all done I'll put up the pictures of the finished article but for now here is one at the front of the house - if anyone tells me where it is I'll send you a T-shirt and a sticker.

The panelling we are doing is for toilet cubicles in a hotel.  One guy on instagram commented on the picture of the panels spray finished with "talk about shitting in style" I'm going to use that comment on any advertising from now on.  The sizes were taken from an existing 6 panel door that was in the place.  So the ladies have 3 cubicles and so do the mens, do you know that there was 450 metres of panel moulding ran for the panels and the doors?  Thats a lot of moulding, we'll probably have a few metres left over once all is done but thats a lot of moulding.

I'm saving these up for when there's a shortage of small angled pieces of pine, I'll be rolling in it if that ever happens.


Here are the locks for them, they are exact replicas of a style from a far far away time.  I think they look great and they should be really nice bathrooms.  Once they are all fitted I'll put up some finished pictures.  If you ever visit the hotel and you're doing your business you'll be able to think of us.....   




All details and pictures will be revealed once they everything is fitted but for now here is a picture of the panel moulding joined together with the spring clamps, the filler is for the nail holes....honest. Theres a shot of two of the panels just been sprayed in the spray booth too, it's an eggshell finish but the sheen is because they are still wet.

In other news, Granny (my mum, the boys granny) has moved house, I love the house and the gardens a belter.  I'm sure these 3 will be spending a lot of time there.  Sonny is 2 on Sunday, that year flew past man, I think he needs a haircut but I'm not too keen to get it cut, I think it looks good long, we might never cut it.....ever, well until he's about 18 then we can talk about it.

So it's all go here.  Make it, fit it and move on.  Simple.  Life is profound in its simplicity - Charles Bukowski.  I love Bukowski, I just finished 'Ham on Rye' if you've got time to read, read that.  



As usual you can see some pictures of the day to day goings on at instagram, if you're not on it, get with the kids man!!  Over and out.