What's Been Happening...

I've been super busy, not super busy that I've had to rush to get stuff out and stress etc but the sort of busy that keeps me going, keeps me starting early and finishing late, good times.

I've done a few different jobs, one job I forgot to take pictures of which is weird because I take pictures of everything. Check the instagrams and follow if you're into that.

So the jobs...

I finished up a large vanity unit. I was given some pictures as reference and a tight deadline. It turned out nice and I wasn't rushed, everything went smooth, we're waiting on the tiles to be laid then we'll fit it. It's been spray finished since the picture below, pictures of it will be posted when it's all fitted, it's bubble wrapped up until then.

I made a big cooker hood, it was spray finished in Farrow & Balls Moose Breath, I'm back next week to finish it off once the hole is cut in the 2 foot thick old barn wall. Here it is sitting on the bench.

We're still enjoying the view, the new glass front, reorganisation and knolling works have increased productivity, it's more enjoyable to work in. Always be knolling. Its the only way. 

And Lochgoilhead is still looking great...

We were tourists in London for the weekend, we went down to see Billy Joel, he was great, London's great, everything costs more but it was a nice weekend, We lined up for breakfast, a place called the Breakfast Club, nice but not sure if it was good enough to line up for.

I was given the doors and other parts of a really old cupboard and asked to make it into a piece to hang on the wall, I was given this a looooonnngg time ago, ages ago. I eventually got around to doing it, Me and Lewis walked it down to the house, it was only 4 houses down.

We made a big sliding barn door for the place we done the pine kitchen in, the door was done with old scaffold boards and will go on a heavy duty track hardware. Looking forward to fitting it to see how it looks. I was hoping to get there this week but time flew away this week, it usually doesn't go so fast but this week man, it flew in.

I've been starting them young, I take Sonny out when I can, he's good company, he talks all the time and has great advice, he always wants to eat and or sleep and that's good with me.


That's been it, anything else I've been doing has been drawings for jobs and getting prices back to folk. People are still emailing and phoning to get stuff made so that's a bonus. It means I don't need to go and get a real job yet. 

We're about 5/6 weeks before we can start anything major, if you're looking for something and don't see anything online or in IKEA, send me a message and we'll see what we can do. As always, if you've got any friends that you might think would like this stuff, feel free to share with them, sharing is caring.

Until next time. Take it easy.