Note Books Are The Way Forward

For the past month or so I've kinda organised myself, I've got lots of work to do and deadlines to make so organising the work load was in order.

I've kept notebooks for a while but mainly for notes on what's going on and ideas for world domination. I always carry a small notebook, my preferred choice is Field Notes because I buy into the marketing, I'm sold with all that hipster shit. 

So keeping the Field Notes on my person at all times I can keep my work flow in some sort of order. The way I've been doing it is writing tasks down for each day then checking them off as they're done. It's realistic tasks and I've been getting into the ways of making sure all tasks are complete before I finish for the day. On the odd occasion I've finished up early and had to move the tasks onto the next day, odd occasions means a sunny day or being led astray by some other non woodworking form of enjoyment. When this happens I decide on a day, say its Tuesday and I've had the afternoon off then I'll move the tasks over and give myself Thursday night as a deadline. Seems to work well for keeping on track and knowing what needs to be done. 

This may not seem like a big deal but it's simple and easy to work through each component of a job. Finish a certain bit then wipe it off. I just done a job in 4 days that I'd probably take about 3 weeks to do under my normal scheduling system. 

So notebooks are the way forward. You heard it here. Over and out