The Walk To School

**Just an observation on the path to enlightenment, nothing woodworking going on here, I wouldn't take this as life advice either, it might not work for everyone but it seems to be working for me. Read on -

I'm not one for telling anyone what to do but I think one of the most important things you should do is walk your kids to school. I've not always been able to do this, we live in a small village nowhere near where I used to conduct business, I was up and away before the boys woke up then back late at night.

Sometimes I think it was a waste of time, all the commuting and money spent on travel etc. I suppose I learned a lot in a work/tradesman/craftsman sense, I picked up some skills that I still use today so it'd be foolish to say that it was a total waste of time. I made good money too, money comes and goes though, it's not a big deal and although it's important it means nothing on the walk to school.

Since setting up what I like to call a 'Studio' I've managed to bring in projects that involve me making them here in Lochgoilhead then delivering or fitting on site, work that I enjoy, making pieces for nice and interesting folks that allow me to get into the design of the piece, It's exactly what I want to be doing at this present time, I might not do this forever but right now it's what I should be doing. I might be away for a day every few weeks for fitting these jobs, I'll try and leave after 9am so I can still get the walk to school done, on days when it's pissing down we'll maybe drive but a little rain can be good for you too. I think that if everyone done this it'd be a better place. The short walk is good for all of you. 

On my mind constantly is how fast time goes by, go to the timer on your phone and set it for 1 minute, it goes by fast. Sonny, the youngest of the tribe, has started nursery, I remember when the boys started nursery, Taylor is 10 now. It goes by super fast. The way I look at work now compared to back a few years is the complete opposite, stuff still gets done and financially we're better off. Party due to some frugal efforts to have no outgoings other than a mortgage, food and utility bills but from my observations, when you organise your family life and make that the first priority, everything else seems to kinda' fall into place. It might sound nuts and a bit woohoo but what if family and relationships is all you have, money and everything else is just for our entertainment. Then my mind wanders into what if the universe works for the folks who choose family and relationships first and over everything else? No one really knows how the universe or world really works so it's a possibility.   

From my observations over the past while I've noticed that the folks amongst us that are always chasing money over everything else rarely have a happy/balanced life and they're always chasing it. I think you still need to get up and work, do something you enjoy, be positive with good intentions, keep an eye on your behaviour and experience life but get the priorities straight. Walking the kids to school is a good start, if you live close enough, walk the kids to school. 

Just an observation on this path to enlightenment. Until next time :)