Live Edge Elm Table

One of the latest commissions to be completed and delivered was this live edge elm table for a restaurant down in London. Killer drive and the place is too busy, we made it though and returned to the wilderness as legends.

A couple of posts back theres shots of it being made. It looks better in the room, it was a small room just over three metres by three metres, a private dining affair. 

The base was done by a guy known as 'Andy the metal worker' he's got a great collection of old camper vans, anyone needs something made in metal he's on Woodville Street in Govan, just across from the roll van, Big Al's I think it's called.

Lewis is thin enough to fit in and screw the bolts to the floor, he got stuck but I lifted him out.

The room had loads of these cool brass lights and mirrors on the walls behind the cabinets. The site was still a bit of a mess, be nice to see it all finished and cleaned up. 

Lewis for scale ^

Must dash, work to be done, have a nice day :)