A Big Walnut Table

We done a really big walnut table recently for a restaurant. I seem to be only making really heavy things that I struggle to move about on my own. It's not good for you.

This thing was done with solid walnut and the base was done with walnut veneered MDF and solid walnut mouldings. Heavy lift up the stairs and into the private dining room but we managed and it turned out nice. 

Lewis took some shots while we were working on it, I didn't ask him to cos that'd be weird. :)

Fabulous head of hair. He can get some good pictures, the table looked good, we took down the main work bench to make it, it was 2.8m x 1.8m. It's tricky to get walnut that length, it seems that a lot of timber is cut to 2.4m or 8 foot nowadays. We sourced it though but it wasn't as easy as just phoning up the normal supplier.

Sometimes you need to get on your hands and knees and sand it out.

This is the base, I mitre the corners of the veneered MDF and it gives you the look of a solid piece of walnut, no need for any solid pieces attached to hide the mdd core....if you know what I mean.

I ise a birch ply carcass in the centre for strength and for something to attach the MDF to. I'm not convinced that the veneered MDF would be strong enough to take the abuse over the years.

And heres the finished table in place with the chairs

Not the best pictures, they were from the phone while we were fitting but you can see from the progress shots the idea. It was finished with an ac lacquer so when were back we'll get some better pictures with the room 100% finished and the table set.

Over and out and for any commissions just get in touch