Elm Cantilevered Coffee Table

I've been working on my own furniture recently, well I bought this slab about a year ago and had the ideas n stuff but just got around to making anything recently. 

I saw this slab pop up on the website of a few places that I frequent for my slabs and I bought it straight away. It was the large crack that I liked, I like slabs that are cracked or have holes in them. When I saw the crack I had the idea of doing the butterfly ties, not sure if thats the correct term for them but you know what I mean when you see them.

It's taken a lot of trial and error to get a nice style or design that I'm happy with when making my own pieces. I think I'm getting somewhere now. 

The base is European oak and stained black. I like the contemporary base against the raw elm. The ties over the crack are done with the same oak and made black to match the base.

This piece is the first of a few new pieces that I'll be doing over the next year. I'm cutting down on the wardrobes and kitchen cabinet jobs that I do and focusing more on just furniture. I'll be doing my own furniture but also furniture commissions too. I'll see how it goes but I think it's the way forward. I've kind of messed with the idea of working 3 days per week and only doing my own furniture but I'm not sure how realistic that it, I think making and selling your own furniture here in Scotland can be a tricky thing to do. Theres nothing wrong with fitting in some nice commissions here and there to keep the bills paid. Know what I'm saying man?!

If you're interested in this piece you can check out more pictures and cost etc in the "Store" section on this website. To view just email and we can arrange a time.