Big Oak Door

We built a big oak door for a nice guy down in London. The brief was big, modern looking and glazed.

I done a few drawings after some rough sketches then got onto the materials. European oak was chosen with an oil finish.

The finished timber size was approx 45mm x 145mm for the rails and 120mm for the horizontal pieces. The horizontal pieces were done to match the glass width. 

The frame was built out to 60mm to miss a part of the wall down in the house, I didn't see the house but managed to do everything over email with pictures and sizes. I'd say the door weighed about 150kg maybe 170ish. Heavy to move about the place by yourself.  

I had my friend Alan up for a few days to help me out with it. I had a lot on but got through the jobs. The locks used where Banham locks. Super strong and super secure. 

The clients sent the finished pictures after they had fitted it and said they were pleased. They're renovating the house and it looks as though they've done a super nice job on the place. I'm pleased how it turned out and I enjoy building doors like this.

So a bespoke oak glazed door made in Lochgoilhead and sent down to London. Nae bother. 

As always, feel free to share with someone you might think will like this or is looking for something like this to be built, it helps keep the machine oiled and it's appreciated. If you're looking for something like this to be built just send an email and we'll be in touch to sort something out.

Onwards :)