Last Week

Last week was just as busy as any other week. I'm finishing up the box joint drawer job and sending out costs for other jobs. The drawers are all sanded and ready for finish, I was pleased with how they turned out and the runners were a bit tricky to work out but we got there in the end. This was before the final sanding and fitting.

I like to use Blum undermount runners. I've tried cheaper ones before and they work fine but theres a bit of play in the cheaper ones and these can take more weight. They're better made overall.

I don't see the point in making expensive furniture and skimping on the stuff that you don't see. Super smooth and soft close too. I like them. I tested out some new finish, it's called Rubio monocoat. I had saw a few of the woodworkers on Instagram in America using it and they all said it was excellent, I found out that they started stocking it in the UK too so I got some samples sent out. Most excellent.

Sausage fingers. This is the "Natural" and the "Pure" I've been looking for a finish for a while that didn't change the colour of the bare oak and the Natural oil does this. Still durable and doesn't turn the oak a golden colour. I'm not against a golden shade of oak when you finish with a Danish oil or the likes but sometimes the bare wood is just what you're looking for.

I done the sample blocks and then dropped a load of water on it and left it for a bit. Sometimes with an oil finish it can leave marks or soak into the wood leaving marks. The Rubio doesn't do this, you can wipe it off and no marks left. Nice. I prefer an oil to a lacquer, if you scratch a lacquer you need to sand and re-coat the thing, it can look tired quickly if there's a lot of use on it. If you get a scratch on the oil finish you can sand back and apply some oil. Anyone can pretty much do this whereas a lacquer has to be sprayed professionally in most cases.

 This week I was testing drawer pulls too. We went for this one. The bottom drawers have this on the top and the top drawers have this on the underside. Nice n' simple and works as it should.  

Back to the grind. Another busy week finishing stuff and starting other stuff.