It's My Name On The Website

Just a quick one....

I changed the name on the website to my own name. All business is still done through Caleb & Taylor Ltd though.

The reason for the change was because all my stuff on my social media is under my name and I'd get messages because people couldn't find the a website for my work. It wasn't a big problem but then folk who found me on social media and wanted me to make stuff for them couldn't find the website or they would wonder why the website wasn't in my name.....blah blah blah and so on. 

Then people would ask "What's Caleb & Taylor" and I'd say it was just the business name, then they'd ask "is this your business" and I say "aye" Then they ask why the names the name then they ask is it just your company or is it a group or is someone else in it with you and on and on.

So it's my name and I'm the guy who does the work with the help of a guy called Lewis and at times another guy called Alan. Caleb & Taylor is the business name. It's the names of my two oldest sons. My youngest son wasn't involved because he wasn't born when I started this stuff. 

So that's why the names mine on this website now but all biz is still done through Caleb & Taylor Ltd.

Have a nice day y'all