Handmade Doors

Doors are the types of jobs I get that fit in between the other work that I do for designers and the likes. The main reason people go to the expense of getting their doors handmade is because they can't buy one the size they need from a place like B&Q or Homebase etc. one of the other reasons is that it's hard to get a solid hardwood door from these places, usually it's just a hardwood veneer over a MDF core. They'll do fine but they're not the best. 

I've done a few sliding wardrobe doors too, These are mainly because the folk want something that lasts, you can buy all sorts of sizes of these from anywhere and more than likely you'll find something that fits your space. Going for a hardwood isn't crazy expensive, it's more expensive than an painted MDF door but solid wood door lasts forever and will survive a few house moves if needed. 

Sliding barn doors seem to be all the rage now and for the past couple of years. The one in the picture above was built using reclaimed scaffolding boards. This was in a house where I done a pine kitchen and the tops were all reclaimed scaffolding boards. It's turning out to be a really nice house.

The doors in the picture above are solid oak with a flat panel and decorative moulding. The moulding was used to match the moulding on the other doors in the house. The reason for these was because of the odd sized door openings in the old house. They came out nice. 

Here's another set of doors I done and I'm sure there's a video done on these on the YouTube. 

The yellow is pretty funky but it was done to match the old doors that had been damaged and couldn't be fixed. We used all the old ironmongery on the new doors.

Going handmade isn't really really expensive, to give you an idea, a simple hardwood door might start around £600-£700. More expensive than buying one from a DIY place but if you need to fit a certain size of opening it's the best way to go. You can match existing mouldings or panel sizes, add glass, choose the material and finish. You can do everything to get it exactly the way you want it. If you need any give me a shout and we can see what we can do. I've shipped doors from here in Argyll down to London so any distance from Scotland is good for me.

I've done a really nice pivot door too, its a few posts back and there's a video about it. Solid oak and weighed loads. Turned out a nice door.

Take it easy, man!!