An Elm Sideboard

I had an idea for a big long sideboard using a live edge slab as the sliding doors. I had a bit of time over the weekend to make something for myself and test out the idea.

I had a cutting of a Scottish Elm slab that was good on each side but the middle was cracked and not very nice so I used what I had to test out the piece of furniture.


The two pieces of elm slide behind one another to get into the covered shelves.


The idea (not rocket science) but you can display whatever you want displayed in the centre shelve then use the sides for things you don't want seen. 


I like how it turned out and initially thought that I should have the legs the same colour as the carcass but after looking at it for a bit I like how the legs match the inside. The carcass and inside was all done in oak. The inside and legs were finished with an ebony stain.

I plan on making one approx 2m long with a full live edge slab turned on its side for doors. Need to find the right slab and I'm thinking a blackened oak carcass. Here's a couple of shots of the sides when I was waiting on the stain to dry


Turned out nice and I like the style, I like the mix between the live edge and the clean legs/carcass. This was done because Gemma needed something to sit a lamp on and I had said I'd make something a few months ago. It was either this or shed have bought something from Ikea. Fuck sakes.

If you are looking for something similar or something of your own idea/design just get in touch and we can see what we can do.

Onwards :)