Bespoke Kitchens from Argyll, Scotland

I had a guy get in touch the other day asking if I'd be interested in fitting kitchens for them. We talked turkey and it wasn't good money so it wouldn't work. The kitchens are also shit. 

The thing I struggle to work out is this whole "bespoke" thing, it's a stupid word and I think I might have the meaning wrong because all these kitchen companies are using it, they're using it so much that I think they must all be right.

I took bespoke, in a furniture setting, as something thats fitted exactly to the room to suit what you want. Everything made to suit what you need, finished in the colour you want and so on. I don't know how kitchen companies can do something bespoke when they've only got standard sized units then make up the difference with filler strips, wine racks and tea towel holders. Then the colour has to be whatever they are offering at the time. I don't think that's bespoke. Bespoke's a word like 'Artisan' or when someone asks what your job is, you say "I'm a creative" then sip a coffee that you just paid six quid for. Sounds fancy but it's not real, all fake.

Unless, this is actually what bespoke means and I've got it wrong. This is a possibility because I'm wrong about most things and contradict myself all the time.  I don't even know anymore. I think that kitchen companies have a huge range and can suit your needs but maybe just not 100%. Maybe people don't need something that's suited 100%. Maybe you can get near enough and at the right price, it'll do. I get that too. I drive a twenty year old car because I want a 4x4 that can seat seven people but I don't want to pay for a new car. I get it. The land rover passed its MOT the other day too and only cost £183 so I was pleased with that.

Who knows what bespoke means but if you want some bespoke kitchen in Argyll or Glasgow or Stirling or Edinburgh or probably Scotland, that's exactly to your requirements, colour, door size etc then have a look through this blog and you'll see a few that we've done. I'd say that's bespoke but I could be wrong.

Below is a boot room, a pine kitchen in a farmhouse style and a utility room we done. There's more on the 'blog' section. Take it easy :