Thoughts for Monday Morning

It's raining and I think this weather over the summer we've had more rain than usual. I can usually wear shorts all summer and still be able to get away with it until late September/ early October. I've had them on once this year and the woodturner in the studio has been on most days too. Maybe it's the end of the world that's coming and the universe wants us to live a miserable last few months before the end.

Why do the small Turkish barbers charge so little for a great haircut when the places where the barbers dress like furniture makers you see in the movies charge so much? Is it that much better of a haircut? What are you paying for thats so good. I go to a wee place with pictures of David Beckham sporting all his looks over the years on the walls. They give you a card and for every four haircuts you get a free tub of gel or aftershave. Whatever you like. One hair cut costs £8. I leave him a tenner.

This is the world we're living in. Marketing is a game of perception not reality.

Over and out