Thoughts for Thursday Morning


I don't know about all these remakes/reboots of old films. I don't think they can be as good as the original ever was or be a staple in culture for so long. I let my boys watch all the films I grew up with to see what they like. They like The Warriors, if they didn't I would have packed them a bag, said our goodbyes and told them they're now on their own in the world. Don't come back. They also liked White Men Can't Jump, Lethal Weapon and Point Break. 

I don't think they work because if they're set now, in this time, 2017, they could just go onto Facebook or send each other an email or a WhatsApp to see where they are or warn them about who's were. Even though you wouldn't need to warn the Warriors because they're the toughest guys about. Still I think social media and how connected we are ruins the thought of having a film set in 2017. I think it'd be best to remake movies set in the same time as the original. People just shoot each other now too, no one likes a good doin' in the park then its over. You're the winner and he's the loser. Know what I mean?

The other thought is how many people walk passed a homeless guy in the street and don't drop in any change but go into the shop he's sat outside of and spend money on shit that they don't need. Theres no homeless in Lochgoilhead but I was in Glasgow and its getting worse. Just my observations. I think we'll be 'awe right' though.

Have a good Thursday.