Friday, man

Friday, it’s pissing down here, think that might be us until April, January can be nice at times. I’m working on an oak bookcase, it’s getting there and I think it’ll look great when done and fitted. Here’s a pic of the doors getting adjusted for a nice fit. Still to be sanded so take no notice of the rough edges or bits that could be…sanded. :)

Oak raised panel doors are nice, maybe my favourite style of door, quite possible.

Got a plasterer on a small renovation we’re doing, Johnny the plasterer. Good guy. I’m also finishing some bits for the house with the colourful kitchen that I’ve posted about on here before. It’s getting close to Christmas man, need to get stuff finished.

Here’s a podcast that I’ve been listening to. I like it and this episode was good, the other episode I liked was with the guy who made Patagonia. Anytime I see or read or listen to something about Patagonia I want to buy a jacket from them.

Vodafone’s the only reliable network up here in the village. We must be able to give free phone service now, there must be waves flying through the air that our phones can pick up on. How can that not be free?

I like these stories. I like this type of podcast. If you work by yourself and have headphones in for hearing protection then I’d recommend podcasts or audio books. Audible is expensive in my opinion. The free credit every month is the only way to get a book. There’s some cheap ones from Harvard Business Review. Not bad stuff. And it’s amazing the info you can get in a days work through an audiobook or podcast.

Have a nice weekend.