Working on a Sunday, the sabbath.

I’ve been working every day, man. Like every day. I don’t mind it, I quite enjoy working and working on a Sunday is possibly my favourite day to work, no one bothers you because they think you’re taking it easy. If it felt like a job with a boss and doing stuff I didn’t like I’d probably choose to sit about the house on a Sunday and watch Columbo. Columbo’s great.

I don’t think people who are self employed should arrange nights out or get togethers too far in advance either. I think you should just tell whoever that you’ll let them know the day before. There’s too much going on and you don’t know what you’ll be doing. That’s all the thoughts I’ve got on the matter right now.

I’ve spent too much time on these sliding doors for this oak bookcase. I wanted to get them nice with minimal tracks and the likes. I couldn’t just do it fast and get it done then move on, it took time to think out how it’d work, I got there in the end. Final sand then the oil finish. It’s coming together. Will be fitting soon. It’s getting close to Christmas. Just like that. It’s here before we know it.

iPhone picture, but you get the idea.