2018 Was busy, man

Funny year, busy, then Gemma had a hip replacement (she’s not a granny, just unlucky) and it was a bit more than first expected. Got behind on job a wee bit but got there in the end.

I’ve probably told everyone I’ve met this but I’ll put it on the internet so even more people hear it - Since October 2nd we’ve went from 7:30am -ish to earliest 8pm, we managed a few nights to 11 too, that’s been every day including Saturday and Sunday, I had a Saturday off and a Sunday too once then went to Aviemore for an overnighter. Once you get passed about 8pm then you can go all night if you wanted to. Good times. The other guys we had on the jobs would leave at the normal times then it’d be me and Louie til we’d ate 30 Snowey Joeys and 10 packs of foam bananas. Good times, man.

Here’s Louie below, we’ve had more nights than we should have using tools wondering if we’ll get a complaint from the neighbours where we’re working, we can handle ourselves though and didn’t have to trade blows with the members of the bowling club (we renovated a wee place next to the local Bowling club)

The end of the year was mainly renovation work. I had missed the laugh with the guys on jobs. There’s a lot that goes into a renovation and organising all the sub contractors but we’ve got a good group of guys, a cockney electrician and an Irish plumber with Scottish joiners seems to be the most efficient way to carry out a renovation.

We made and fitted a great solid oak bookcase late November. I’ll get proper photos and post about it on here when I get more time but heres a couple here

So that’s pretty much us. We’ll get some photos of the renovations we done and get them posted for anyone thats interested. Good year. Got some good furniture stuff to do next year so hopefully its another good one. I’m going to try and take the weekends off but who knows man. It’s tricky when your workshop (Its really called a studio because thats what arty folks do) is right next to your house.

Take it easy and catch ye later :)