Wall Paneling, Wainscoting, Whatever you call it...

This job was done before Christmas in a beautiful house in the West End of Glasgow. The client knew what he wanted, a simple design with very little to no moulding. We done recessed paneling on all three floors and on the stairway walls too. I think people call it wainscoting now but I'm sure thats just from American TV or Pintrest...


Super simple and I think it worked well against the existing woodwork from when the house was built. 


The place was still getting painted when I took these, apologies but you'll get the idea. 


So there we go, some recessed paneling, raised paneling, wainscoting, wall paneling or whatever you call it. This was a super simple design but if you're after something with a bit more detail you can check out the "Work" section for some examples. 

We're based in the wilderness but we've done all sorts of wainscoting and coffered ceilings in Glasgow, Edinburgh and way further at times, sometimes so far that we had to spend a few nights in a hotel. It's like being on your holidays.