Elm Slab Coffee Table


I managed to get my hands on this really nice elm slab for a table I'm going to make. The tree came down in Dunoon, a small town in Argyll. Everyone knows Dunoon for either the Cowal Highland games or for when the US Navy moved in years ago. The latter is the reason I've got a lot of friends from Dunoon that have American dads :) 

It's approx 1100mm diameter give or take. There's a bit of work to be done to it but if anyone finds this and wants in on the action before I get working on it you can gimme' a shout and we can discuss the base. 

It'll either be a coffee table or it'd be a good small dining table for a restaurant or bar. It'd work anywhere really. And I ship my stuff all over the world, just so you know.

Let me know and share to whoever you think might like it. :)