Elm side table

Here's a small side table I made using elm and oak. The elm slab top was from a load of timber I bought that came from a tree down in South Ayrshire. Ballantrae to be specific. There's a really big estate there and they had a few massive elms come down. Nearly every slab I managed to get is beautiful. It's a shame the trees came down but The stuff I make with them can be passed down the generations. Good haul 

I'm a fan of the contrasting base against the natural live edge table top. 

This is going in our own house because we need a table. Actually everything in this house is for sale and anyone who comes in gets the hard sell. 

Gradually finding a style, I'm not really interested in finding a style that sells to everyone and I can just churn out pieces, that might be the way to do it though if I am to make money but I'm a terrible businessman. I like to make what I like, I like to make stuff that if I didn't have the ability to make stuff I'd be interested in buying. Who knows where we get the "Ooh, I like the way that looks" thingy from. It must come from somewhere but fuck knows where.

This is going to be the style of base I use for a large elm dining table. I like it. I've got a slab about 12' x 4' and when I get the time it'll be a new dining table for the house unless someone buys it, everything always for sale in this game.

For any furniture commissions in Argyll or Glasgow area just gimme' a shout and we can sort out something. Feel free to share this with someone you think might like it. 

Catch ye'