New Lights in the 'Studio'

I've been wanting to change the lights in here, it makes no difference to the way I work or the money I make, it's a cost that makes me less money but I like to work in a nice ambience. Basking in the ambience. 

I used to have the fluorescent tubes and they gave off even light but I felt they were zapping the life out me. I didn't like them so I found these ones. I'd looked for a while and Ikea had some nice ones in this style, Ikea's not that bad. But they were like £18 each. That's too expensive for me. I was in a place called Dunelm Mill with Gemma, she was looking for something that you'd get in there and I found these for £3.75 each. Bargain, man

Yes they're mustard but beggars can't be choosers. I like them and they're metal so if the colour really annoys me I'll give them a wee spray. 

Nice lights, nice ambience. I prefer it. It's just trying to get the place more comfortable to work in so I don't need to commute for work. 

Nothing much else to report other that we've been busy. The big round elm slab that I posted about a few posts ago should be ready soon. I'm looking for a buyer. If you, or you know someone who could be interested then just let me know and we'll get something made.

Over and Out :)