ROUND Elm Coffee Table

I've posted this elm slab when I bought it way back. Just got around to work on it and it's turned out pretty well. I like it.

It's up for sale in the 'Store' section and all the details about it are there too but if you can't be bothered to click there, here's what it says about it :

I’ve counted the rings but my eyes went all funny at 168. I’ve no idea how old the tree was when felled but it was old. I spotted this while rummaging through a local mill. I loved it so I bought it, I worked on it and now it’s for sale.

I’ve got a thing with the oiled elm paired with black. This table has black legs that were turned to a gentle taper. The top has some really great figuring in it with the odd tie across a few of the splits. It’s finished with a Danish oil mix that I’ve came to really like.

I decided a coffee table was best but a new base can be made to make it a dining table. This could easily sit 4. I don’t mind selling it with or without the legs and I’d be open to building a different base to make it a dining table.

If you are interested in this piece the best thing to do would be to get in touch by email. It's on for £1,800 but I'm open to all serious offers. Always handmade in Lochgoilhead, Scotland. 

As always, feel free to share and if you've got anything else in mind that you'd like to have made then gimme a shout. 

Speak to ye later :)